MT Kamon Washi


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MT Kamon Washi


This washitape has Japanese Kamon Family symbols as motif.  In Japan, Kamon was used in the 8th century among royalty to distinguish his carriage from other’s, and later it became to be used as a family symbol.

Nowadays the kamon is most seen on kimonos  and the number of kamon on kimonos shows the status of the woman who wears it.

For example, a casual kimono has one kamon on the back while a Wedding kimono has 5 kamons, one on the back, two on the back of arms and the other two in front.  Often kamon use animal and nature a motifs.  There are over 20,000  different kamons in Japan.

Measures  2.0 cm x 10m (0.78 inch x 11 yards)
Weighs 25 gramms

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