MT washi Deco Summer





MT washi Deco Summer

MT is the pioneer of Japanese washi paper masking tape, produced by the 100 years old company, Kamoi Kakoshi, a specialized Japanese manufacturer of masking tapes used in a variety of applications including industrial and decorative.

Other than the cute and stylish designs, the specialty of mt is the uniqueness of Japanese washi paper – strong yet thin.

The adhesive is not only fantastic; the tape can also be removed easily without leaving residue and can be easily tear by hand.

MT is semi-transparent so it can be especially pretty when it’s layered, it’s also easy to write on so it’s handy for making notes or messages.

We picked 8 classic Japanese patterns, the Chrysant is a autumn flower!


Additional information

width // 15mm
length // 10m

weight   22 gram


Extra informatie

Gewicht21 g
Afmetingen10 × 1,5 cm

White -Red Stars, Red-Blue Stars, Mustard-Green Stars, Chrysant Red, Chrysant Blue, Chrysant Black, Chrysant Green, Chrysant Fuchsia


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