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NYRET – Endless Series – New No. 28 – Stamp


We have some leftover from our last pre-order, so it’s your chance to grab this set if you don’t want to wait for a restock 🙂

NYRET – Endless Seris – New No. 28 – Stamp

Due to its popularity, this timeless, clean, and elegant Endless Series stamp from NYRET that was discontinued came back as a new version, with two added stamps (no. 27 and no. 28). If you already have the old Endless Series stamp set, you can buy the new additional stamp separately. This is also a special stamp to celebrate NYRET’s third anniversary, and a must-have for the lover of the beautiful, neat lines of NYRET and their geometric and versatile design.

1 stamp No. 28, 50 x 30 mm, rubber and maple wood

Photo courtesy of NYRET, all rights reserved.


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