RO-BIKI NOTE Yama-kami letters by Yamamoto Paper




RO-BIKI NOTE Yama-kami letters  by Yamamoto Paper in Japan

Our Favorite notebooks for in our TN’s !

We love the beautiful coloured Wax Paper that is used for the cover of these notebook series. This means the more you use it, the more crumples and scracthes it gets. So if you like natural aging this is your notebook.


After learning from a lot of experience we carefully selected a special paper for this product. Excellent writing quality, not only for pencils and ballpoint pens, but also for fountain pens and attachment pens.


Our thread stitch binding system will increase the strength of the book binding. So even if you fold it back 360°, even after a long time, the pages never fall out.


91×55 mm is a original standard size. Easy to put in your pocket. Vertical size to write a lot. For  use on a desk. Use outdoors. It is the size considered to be able to deal with various scenes. It will fit your Travelers Notebook cover too, it is just a little bit narrower

60 pages
Pages: 2mm grid, YAMAMOTO PAPER

weighs 80g
Dimension: 9.1 × 21.0mm / 8.3 x 3.5 inch
Binding: Saddle-stitch


OLIVE GREEN: 6 mm ruled – lines / 60 pages

SAND: 5 mm recticle – squares / pattern / 60 pages

DARKGREEN: 4.5 mm squares with red crosses / 60 pages

RED – Rusty red color:  2 mm squares / off white / 60 pages


New ! DARKBLUE Star Map:  plain / off-white / 60 pages

New ! SAND Weather Map: plain / off-white / 60 pages

New ! OCHRE Topographical: plain / off-white / 60 pages

New ! OCHRE Metro: plain / off-white / 60 pages


Extra informatie

Gewicht70 g
Afmetingen9,1 × 21 cm

OLIVE GREEN 6mm ruled, SAND 5mm recticle pattern, DARKGREEN 4.5 mm squared / red crosses, DARKBLUE Star Map plain, SAND Weather Map plain, OCHRE Topographical plain, OCHRE Metro Map plain, RED 2.0 mm squared


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