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Shachihata Iromoyo – Wakatake Iro – Mint Green – HAC-1-PG


Shachihata Iromoyo – Wakatake Iro – Mint/Pale Green – HAC-1-PG

Shachihata ‘Iromoyo’ ink pads feature beautiful traditional colors of Japan which are traditionally used in Japanese arts, literature, textiles, and crafts. Most of the color names originate from the names of plants, flowers, and animals that bore or resembled them.

Shachihata ink pads are known for their fast-drying oil-based inks. The ink pad has an ultra-fine surface which allows your rubber stamp to hold the appropriate amount of ink by pressing on the ink pad gently. With a Shachihata ink pad, you could get a delicate and clear pattern printed clearly and evenly, including small rubber stamps or those with fine lines. As the inks do not bleed through most papers, you can use them for creating multicolor artworks. Once dried the images are waterproof and will not smear!

The ink on the rubber stamp can be wiped off with tissue moistened with water right after use, allowing it easy to change colors.

The palm-sized ink pad comes with a transparent cover labeled with the color name. The lid is designed thoughtfully so that you can stack the ink pads together on your desk, making them perfect for collection.

Made in Japan

Size: 63×40mm

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