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SORAMAME Inkbeans by Tsukineko




SORAMAME Inkbeans by Tsukineko

These Soramame stamping inksets come from Japanese famous eraser-stamp artist Tomoko Tsukui. The stamps come in a little storage case in the shape of a broad bean (soramame). They can be connected to other soramame cases using the sticker sheet that comes with it to organize your soramame stamps collection. Every set has its own soramame shape color stickers to stick to the side of the stamp.

The stamp fits on your finger, the idea is to gently tap on the stamp with the inkcushion. This way you can use more inkcolors on 1 stamp. Just think of the possibilities!

There are 9 sets of 4 colors.


Made by Tsukineko /Japan


Additional information

Weight N/A

Blue, Green, Grey, Mustard, Peach, Pink, Violet, Red, Yellow

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