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Special Japanese Gift Box – 1st Edition 2024


Special Japanese Gift Box – 1st Edition 2024

This Valentine’s Day, we launched a special Japanese Love Box for you—that contains 5 stationery items from Japan that are dear to our heart, which we think can be a wonderful gift for yourself or the people you love:

  1. Self-Inking Konoiro stamp with a frame design that allows you to write a few words inside, along with two ink colors in a precision tube with a tip nozzle to match the design. Apply the ink along the pattern—make sure the ink is firmly applied to the design, and wait for about 10 minutes until the surface becomes matte. Remove excess ink by dabbing it with a tissue or absorbent paper. Press several times with a piece of paper until there is no more ink on the surface, except for the pattern itself. Try stamping it again and again and again! 🙂 Stamp size: 6,4 x 4,9 cm, 2 pieces of 3-ml pigmented oil-based ink in a tube with a tip nozzle.
  2. Mitsubishi Uniball One P Limited Edition in Cohakuto Color Yogurt with Rose Clip, 0.5 mm, with a cute shape and pastel color that fits smoothly in your hand and a feast for your eyes, designed and equipped with a stabilizer mechanism for stable writing.
  3. Netsuke Senkaku Banrai Maneki Neko charm—the “Japanese Lucky Cat Charm” in ceramic that has long been loved as a good-luck charm that brings prosperity in business and happiness in the family (around 2.6 cm).
  4. Goen Yuzen stamp book is an accordion stamp book that is traditionally used in Japan to collect stamps from temples during the pilgrimage, and we chose this beautiful red color and pattern for you, made of Japanese paper that is perfect for stamping (the paper is not suitable for fountain pen ink or other wet materials), 120mm x 180mm, 11 folds.
  5. A random Shogado Yuzen washi tape in either red, orange/red, or pink shades. The traditional Shogado Yuzen Washi Tape shows brilliant colors and delicate motifs on a traditional kimono. It is created by screen-printing individual sheets of paper (made from mulberry bark), using multiple stencils, one color at a time. So it takes longer than just printing the whole tape.

Each package will be accompanied by:

  • a Dragon-Year postcard,
  • wrapped in a random gift paper with a Japanese pattern on it,
  • along with a one-sheet limited edition zine about the beauty of journaling and documenting memories,
  • and an additional random stationery gift (it’s a surprise, and it can be different from one box to the other!).

We hope you or whomever the person receiving it will enjoy our 1st edition gift box! 🙂



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