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Stamp Shammy


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Stamp Shammy 

A clean stamp is a happy stamp! Keep your stamps happy with this cute Stamp Shammy. A absolute Musthave for stamp-users!

Stamp Shammy is a 5” x 7” reusable cleaning cloth. No special cleaning solution is needed. Just add water to throughly hydrate the cloth, then wipe your stamps for a perfect clean. Forget those Babywhipes that alwys leave little cloth residue.

Stamp Shammy makes stamping crisp images and switching between ink colors even easier. It is the perfect tool for every stamper’s craft desk!

Care instructions: The shammy will dry out between uses, as well as get “inky” over time. Don’t worry! Just add water to throughly re-hydrate the cloth, and it will continue to clean your stamps again and again, even if stained.

See the video for instructions

Additional information

Weight 52 g
Dimensions 25.5 × 17.5 cm
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