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Stationery Box February 2019




STATIONERY BOXES for February 2019


The separate FEBRUARY BOX is sold out – but if you want to buy all 5 boxes there is still room – please email me!


There will be 5 Seasonal themed boxes in 2019 – this is the Box for February. The boxes will be sold separately! It is not possible to buy all 5 at once, so everyone has a fair chance.

THE  5  BOXES are:

  1. End Feb – Spring
  2. End April – Summer
  3. End June -Vacation/Travel
  4. End Sept – Autumn
  5. End Nov – Winter


Our focus will always be on the quality, and not on the quantity of the Stationery products in the boxes. But still it will be a matter of taste. If you like our Cafe Analog Style and taste, you should be okay 😉 if you liked seeing our boxes for 2018, we will make sure you get what you hope for!

We preferably buy our products from small businesses and/or webshops run by women, and sometimes we have designers make exclusive products just for us. We are striving to support these small businesses, rather than the bigger brands.

Separate Boxes & Costs

The boxes cost € 37,19 outside EU (this amount is without taxes) and € 45,00 inside NL and EU – this is without the shipping.

You have to buy your box in our webshop, we are not holding any or reserving any boxes. We are trying to make this as honest as possible, and give everyone a fair chance. Also the people that can’t put down the money for a whole year!

That is why we are selling the boxes SEPARATELY.


We ship standard flatrate, this means the box will fit through your mailbox. If you want to change the way of shipping you can choose at checkout for standard or registered with T&T. If you want it Insured, please mail us for the additional costs.

The boxes will be shipped at the middle of february, april, june, september and november 2019, so you will have them around the 1st of the next month (march, may, july, october and december) .

When the box for FEB is shipped (around halfway the month) we will open sales for the APRIL box, when that is shipped you can buy the JUNE box etc.



Petit Boxes

In between the Seasonal Boxes we will do some Limited Petit or Special Boxes again too, these will be anounced through Instagram, so do keep an eye out there!



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