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Sumikkogurashi plushies

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Sumikkogurashi – fluffy toys & collectables

Sumi.. what???

The first time I went to Japan was with my daughter Kelli, 3,5 years ago, and she taught me about these little, shy and silly plushie creatures. Where her whole life had been about Hello Kitty and Twin stars etc. many dreams came true for her in Tokyo 🙂

We bought a couple of the Sumis (well she did) and we even went to a Cinnamaroll restaurant, that was all about that Sanrio Bunny character. We sort of redid her 6th birthday there, it was hilareous!

Long story short: Now Kelli has a daughter – my granddaughter Emi – and it all comes back again!

Can you guess what I bought them both for Christmas? 😉

“What are Sumikkogurashi?
Seats on a train fill up starting from the corner seats. If you go to a cafe, it would be best to reserve seats in a corner. How come we feel calm and safe when we are in a corner?
A polar bear that doesn’t like the cold, an unconfident penguin, a leftover part of a tonkatsu (porkchop), a shy cat, a “lizard” who hides its true identity, it may seem slightly depressing at first, but it makes them each unique. If you like corners or you care about corners,
won’t you be a friend of Sumikkogurashi?”

So we just started with a little family here, to gift to daughters, friends, or yourself even!

  1. Ebi big – yellow shrimptail with red bow (12 cm high)
  2. Ebi small – same
  3. Furoshiki – pink polka dot
  4. Penguin – lightblue
  5. Mogura (mole) – grey
  6. Tapioca – pink
  7. Plane – lightblue without plushie

…. And there will be many more to the family soon!

Small plushies are approx 7 x 4 cm


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Ebi big, Ebi small, Furoshiki, Penguin, Mogura (mole), Tapioca, Plane (without plushie)

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