The Nautilus Manuscript by Jose Naranja


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The Nautilus Manuscript by Jose Naranja

We were so lucky to have a meetup with Jose in 2018! Such a friendly, talented giant!

Superproud to be a reseller of the Orange – , and now the Nautilus Manuscripts.

What Jose Naranja tells us about his second book:

“Five years after the release of The Orange Manuscript my second notebook is now for sale, real and touchable.

I went all in during this project and I did it with pleasure and full passion. Countless cycles to take care of every detail extended the process a lot of time. Too much indeed. But it was worth it. Actually it’s the only way to do things properly.

I was offering to publish it under a few of those “top publishing houses”. This would save me a lot of manufacturing work and another way to offer it to the public. However industrial process can’t guarantee valuable details and accuracy. Mass process kills the essence: Love in the making.

Therefore I decided the production to remain fully manual. This is time consuming and brings much higher costs but the result keeps the soul of my original notebooks. As I always say, making your own notebooks adds an unique and special feeling and link.

I found a small workshop with good professionals who took care of the bookbinding. Yes, still some of these business are alive nowadays. Slow method but so worth in quality. Cover is made with real leather in black color. Endpapers, ribbons and all details add a touch of magic here and there.

As for the printing I did incalculable tests in all kind of printers shops. I chose the best of the best and the print quality shocked me every time I see closely. Thanks technology to make this possible! And also thanks to the man from the printerhouse who helped me a lot to manage the process.

The Nautilus binnacle during its fascinating odyssey along the Cosmos together with another stories worth telling.

And that’s how I see myself, traveling the world and time through unexplored scenes and taking notes of what I feel. The illusory world of ideas. No less illusory is the territory of written pages.

The facsimile collects copies of my notebook pages from 2015 to 2019. Notes, ideas, memories, experiences and difficult to catalog stuff fill the pages. Many of these spreads can be seen in the draft or finished during my posts in Instagram. It’s written mostly in Spanish and some pages in English. All full visual.

I’m so happy to complete this personal project and now I can share it with the world”.

In short:
The goal of this book is to reproduce my original notebooks in a way people from all the world can have them in their hands. Same size, paper, cover, touch and feeling.

Tittle: The Nautilus Manuscript / El manuscrito Nautilus
Size: 14 x 9 x 2,5 cm
Number of pages: 208
Paper: Vergè (laid) 100g/m2
Cover: Hard, black color and real leather
Bookbinding: Bound by hand

Each copy is numbered and signed by Jose Naranja.

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