Today’s Stamps – PLAIN




Today’s Stamps by PLAIN

These pretty plannerstamps by PLAIN have a million possibilities ! They will work great in your Planner (especially the ones with the little squares, like Hobonichi or Jibun techo or Midori) but also in journaling, snailmailing or making labels or tags for presents. It becomes a sport to see how versatile they are while you use them, don’t blame us if you get hooked 😉


Today’s Stamps have 2 sizes, small and big. The size of small is half of big, one box can fit 6 big stamps or 5 big plus 2 small stamps. There are 3 different color boxes – Red,  Green and Blue.

1. First pick the colour Box you want

2. Then order  6 big Stamps (or 5 + 2 small stamps)

There are 21 different stamps available:

Walkingdog – Swing – Scetching/Painting – Movie/Waitingroom – Camping – Household/Laundry – Garbage day – Jogging/Running away – Mom & Child – Housekeeping/sweeping – Sports/Games – Vacation/Hot weather – Travel – Reading/Studying – Walking/Raining – Yoga/Gym – Biking – Picture/Shoutout – Hiking – Pickup/Shopping – Hairdresser


Here are some examples of what you can do with these:




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RED Box, GREEN Box, BLUE Box, B Walking dog, A Swing (small), R Paint/Sketch, S Movie/Waitingroom, W Camping, J Household/Laundry, U Garbageday, T Jogging/Running away, F Mom & Child, Q Housekeeping/Dusting, P Sports/Games, X Vacation/Hot weather (small), I Travel, L Reading/Study, O Walking/Rain, H Yoga/Gym, D Biking, C Picture/Shoutout, M Hiking, V Pickup (small), K Hairdresser


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