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TRC Brass Ballpoint Pen – NEW


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TRC Brass Ballpoint Pen – NEW


  • the clip is matte and not shiny
  • the penpoint is now gold and not silver colored, the material did not change , before it was plated finish, now it is solid brass finish.

This is a pen made in a press factory located in one of the historical districts of Tokyo. This product consists of two parts, the brass made holder and the actual pen. When this is not used, the pen fits inside the holder, achieving a high level of portability. This portability makes the item serve as a great partner for a traveler. At first, the brass releases a golden color, but through its use, the surface starts to oxidize and the color becomes profound.
On the top of the pen, there is a ring. This ring is used to pass through strings and hooks for customizing purpose. Through this, one can make the pen function like a key holder clinging on a backpack.

Through its use, the surface starts to oxidize, and this deepens the color and adds taste to the material. Besides, there may be slight scratches as the surface is not plated to enjoy the texture of brass and change as it ages. By a long time use the change in color lessen the concern.
And this pen has a clip and cap with the distinctive texture of iron, to match with aged brass color. It may look like stain or uneven surface. By a long time use the change in color lessen the concern, too.

There are refills for this item, so please try using this for a long period of time, and enjoy the change it goes through.

Imagine the beautiful appearance of the brass products ten years from now.

We believe this will make the use of the Brass Products something more exciting.


Package / PET case, H38 x W112 x D19mm
BRASS Ballpoint pen / 11mm in diameter x H99mm (ink: black)


Additional information

Weight 145 g
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