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Tsubame – Ink Collection Cards (150 sheets)


Tsubame – Ink Collection Cards (150 sheets)

Are you an ink collector? Realizing that your ink collection is growing, and sometimes you don’t know which color is which anymore? Don’t worry, you can now “collect” your ink with this ink collection cards—think of it as memory-keeping for ink lovers!

These cards are made with lightweight and bleed-proof paper for ink testing. Available in a red box or blue box (the sheets are identical—only the color of the box packaging is different). This is only suitable for water-based writing inks (no alcohol inks!).

  • The small boxes on top: use it to test the water-resistance / smear-level
  • The big bottle: use it to drop a swatch of ink and see its “real” colour
  • The lines on the right: try writing with different fountain pen nibs and see how it looks!

Card size: 91 x 55 mm.

Made in Japan.

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