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Spring Challenge



 Saturday march 21st is the official start of SPRING!

Spring stands for new the growth, birth and vitality that we find in being outside more and enjoying the fresh clean air.

We associate it also with Springcleaning, and the chance for a new fresh start.

This time we have a real great CHALLENGE, that is a DESIGN CONTEST too!


  1. Take a white piece of paper and design a postage stamp themed SPRING.
  2. It doesnt have to be real size (small) you can make it as big as you want. As long as it has that shape.
  3. You can only use analog materials.
  4. Make a few different ones , and in the end pick 1 to join with in the contest on FB and Instagram.
  5. When you post use these hashtags #cafeanalogspringchallenge #cafeanalog17  so we can track you down easily. Use
  6. You have to use 1 Cafe Analog product at least.
  7. Everyone who joins can also vote. We will make a gallery here to pick the winners from.
  8. Three winners get their design in a real Postage Stampsheet  (1 sheet of 10 stamps).
  9. Have lots of fun and please share on IG and FB ! The more contestants the better!

WINNERS will be announced on march 21st (SPRING!) at 20.00 pm GMT

Here are a few examples to get inspiration from:)





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