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Hi, my name is Desiree Oude Groothuis, I am a 57 year young dutch entrepreneur. Most of you already know me through social media like Facebook and Instagram as @cherishedbydees.

After a successful career of almost 20 years in Children’s entertainment, where I still run my own business Alles Kids, I want to pioneer one last time: I want to bring together my other life’s passions, hobbies and my creative knowhow of it, and share it with others.

I love to bring people together and share mutual passions. Interactivity, meeting, learning and connecting. It all comes together in Cafe-Analog.

Cafe-Analog is an online Stationery Cafe, a virtual community combined with a webshop: the place to find the best Japanse / Asian Stationery, the hottest pens, the latest stamp eye candy, handmade paper and unique washitapes.

My ambition is to eventually create a physical place, a ‘StationeryCafe’: a public space where journalers, snailmailers, letterwriters, postcrossers, stationerylovers and other creative souls can meet over a cup of good coffee or tea. And share their ideas and passions. Where we provide you with stationery and products to try out before you buy!

Do you want to read more about me and Cafe Analog? Than you should read the following blog

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“High Quality stationery is our passion, using it our love, sharing it our dream”

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