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Rent a Stationery box

For our loyal customers we have the option to ‘Rent a Box’. This makes it easier to buy multiple products during a longer period (6 weeks). That way you are sure of having that washitape you wanted, to preorder stuff you see on our Instagram account and to always be on time for special or limited products.

Minimum amount to start a rental box, and each time you add, is 10 euro.

In the end, Rental boxes with a total worth over 75 euro, will be automatically billed with track & trace shipping. This applies also to UK customers: if you get to a total amount of 160 euro (135 GBP) we can ship your products without having to pay for the Dutch taxes to us, but you will pay the VAT in the UK.

How does it work?

  • The first time you order –  at checkout options – check off ‘RENTAL BOX’ and we will hold it for maximum 6 weeks from that moment on. You don’t need to pay shipping.
  • In the next 6 weeks you can add as many products as you want, by just buying them in the webshop at any given moment, and we will add them to your box. Choose RENTAL BOX at shipping everytime.
  • When you are ready, or after max 6 weeks, we weigh and calculate the accurate shipping costs. These will be billed to you then by Paypal- or Bank-request.
  • We always advise Track & Trace shipping, to avoid any risks.
  • The box gets shipped after the 6 weeks are over, unless we are still waiting for (pre- or backorder- ) products to come in, or when you ask us to ship earlier or later.
  • The prices counting are from the day you ordered the product.
  • Please buy in the shop everytime, even one small thing. We can not keep up anymore with emails or dm’s asking to add this or that to your box, we hope you understand.


De eerste keer dat je bestelt vink je bij check-out en verzendkeuzes ‘RENTALBOX’ bij afrekenopties aan. Vanaf dat moment houden we je box maximaal 6 weken vast. Je hoeft dus geen verzendkosten te betalen steeds.

In deze 6 weken kun je zoveel producten toevoegen als je wilt, door ze gewoon op elk gewenst moment in de webshop te kopen, en wij voegen ze toe aan je box. Kies bij verzending steeds voor RENTALBOX.

Wanneer je klaar bent, of na max. 6 weken, wegen we alles en berekenen wij de juiste verzendkosten. Deze worden vervolgens per Paypal- of Bankverzoek aan je gefactureerd.

Wij adviseren bij grotere pakketten altijd Track & Trace verzending, om risico’s te voorkomen.

De doos wordt in principe automatisch verzonden nadat de 6 weken voorbij zijn, tenzij we nog steeds wachten op (pre-of backorder) -producten, of wanneer je ons vraagt ​​om eerder of later te verzenden.

Duurt het je te lang mail ons dan even, we kunnen het nauwelijks bijhouden voor iedereen om de 6 weken aan te houden. We zijn hier flexibel in.

Let us know what you think!

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