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Are you a loyal or returning customer of Cafe Analog? Why don’t you check our ‘Rent a Box’ option? By opening a RENTAL BOX, you can buy multiple products and simply add them to your RENTAL BOX. We will keep your RENTAL BOX open for around six (6) weeks—before reminding you that your RENTAL BOX is due. By choosing this option, you will never miss that washi tape you wanted, you can always preorder stuff you see on our Instagram account—and be on time for our special or limited products. The best part? You can also save on shipping costs! 🙂

The minimum amount to start a RENTAL BOX and add products into the box each time is EUR10 (ten euros).

The first time you order (after purchasing your items)—check off ‘RENTAL BOX’ at checkout options.

  • We will hold the RENTAL BOX for you for around 6 weeks from that moment on.
  • You don’t need to pay for shipping now.
  • In the next six (6) weeks, you can add as many products as you want by just buying them in the webshop at any given moment, and we will add them to your RENTAL BOX.
  • Always choose RENTAL BOX at checkout at all times.
  • Choose “Empty my rental box and pay shipping cost” option if you want your box to be shipped.
  • We use standard shipping (starting from EUR8 up) with Track & Trace shipping to avoid risks.
  • The prices counted are from the day you ordered the product.
  • We do not provide refunds for the things you already have inside your rental box for more than 36 hours.
  • If you want to cancel/exchange any item inside your Rental Box after 36 hours, we will give you a coupon for the same price. You can use that coupon for your next orders.
  • Please buy or preorder in the shop whenever you want to add things to your RENTAL BOX—even one small thing. We cannot keep up with emails or DMs asking us to add specific products to your box anymore. We hope you understand our limitations! 🙂

For UK customers: if you get to a total amount of EUR160 (GBP135), we can ship your products without paying the Dutch taxes to us, but you will pay the VAT in the UK. 

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