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Analog Friends 06: Ana on Journaling Essentials, Favorite Things, and Stationery Items

Hello, Analog Friends! I asked Ana Jimenez—a friend, journal keeper, and YouTube content creator who films the most aesthetic journaling videos, to share her top 5 journaling essentials in this post. I think it would be fitting, as some of you may want to bring some journaling supplies for your spring/summer vacation and may want to carry only your favorite items!

I met Ana many years ago through YouTube, as we commented on each other’s videos and sent happy mails back and forth. A few years later, we met when Daniele and I visited her island, and a few years after, Ana visited us for Cafe Analog’s Stationery Cafe in Amsterdam… it’s like a full circle!

In this series of Cafe Analog’s blog called ANALOG FRIENDS, I invite you to enjoy long-form reading at a slower pace (preferably with a cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate!)—while reading Ana’s post about some of her most-cherished stationery items!



It’s been a few years since I’ve started journaling. My aunt bought me my first Traveler’s Notebook in 2018; a long time has passed since then. I’ve forgotten many things, but one thing I haven’t forgotten is when print-on stickers started to be a trend again. They remind me of when I was a kid and used the transfer stickers to create ugly pieces on my horrible quality Spanish notebooks. I even tried to use them on my skin as a fake tattoo because they made me feel older… I used to love them back then and still love them now.

It’s one of my favorite stationery items. The beautiful Pion print-on stickers are definitely an obsession. I use them for absolutely everything: when I’m sad, happy, or excited about an upcoming trip, if I’m writing about eating with my mom, going to the cinema, or crying in bed. I also used them to document my last trip to Amsterdam for the stationery cafe with Hanny, Daniele, Petra, Desiree, and all those lovely people.

They look like part of the page somehow. They just make everything look so beautiful. It looks like I drew it myself, but I could never… I especially love the little flowers and words. The calligraphy is gorgeous and makes such a beautiful contrast when you add your stories or thoughts with your own handwriting.

I think I cannot live without them. Maybe that’s too dramatic. I should say my journal would look so different without them. Here, at Cafe Analog, they have a wide variety of various brands and styles, but you have to be fast; they run out of stock sooner or later.


Stamps are essential for me. Without them, journaling wouldn’t be as fun, I guess. Here, you can find these tiny ones that I love.

It’s pretty simple, just a simple word or bigger ones with different sentences that I like to use separately on my pages. Here I show you how I do it because I’m better at filming than writing in English! I use a small ink pad to select the part of the stamp that I want to use, and that’s it. I love this type of stamps because they allow me to do many things with them. It’s like a swiss knife, you can do almost anything with it. These tiny ones are now part of my tiny stamp collection, and I take them everywhere. They also have the beautiful Hydrangea set by Petra that I don’t own because I ordered mine before they were released… they are a little bit old, and one of them is a little bit broken, but I’ve treasured them since they arrived a few years ago and I forever will. They are my favorite flowers in the entire world.


I’ve never thought I would include an ink pad in my stationery essentials, but I wanted to discuss this because it was a beautiful discovery. I bought this SANBY Eric ‘Hello Small things’ ink pad in Amsterdam during Cafe Analog’s Stationery Cafe, and since then, I haven’t been able to use another one. This black is so gorgeous. I love stamping all day, all night. I don’t know if it is because my old one was too old or too dry, but having this new one with me has been so much fun. I love it. The black looks so good on the pages. It’s one of my favorite items. Okay, enough for the ink pad; I feel like a crazy woman.


If you watch my videos, you know the moon is special to me so these Moon Phases stickers are just perfect for my journals… and my heart.

The page just instantly looks sooo much better with them. The envelope is amazing too. I use it to store my print on stickers. I use everything. I don’t waste a single thing. Cafe Analog now carries many of my favorite brands, including the ones I’ve been loving for a really long time. I used to buy directly from the artists, but since Cafe Analog now carries them in the store and it’s closer to where I live, they’ve made my heart happy. Also, Dodolulu, one of my favorite artists, doesn’t feel as far as before. These stickers have been part of my journals for a while now, and “Something Blue” is my most precious sticker. I love taking the smallest ones with me on a trip. I cut their pet tape to take some of it with me. Dodolulu and moon stickers have my heart.


Now, I have to pack because I would visit my grandma. She lives in the city where I buy all my handmade, floral, or textured papers. The paper “clouds” is from there, and I made all my journals with them. I’ve been making my own inserts for a while now, and I cannot imagine my journals not hugging these papers.

I promise I will stop typing now. My fingers hurt, but I just wanted to do one last thing before I went. Now that I’ve shared my stationery essentials with you, I wanted to show how all my favorite stationery can fit in this tiny Second Morning bag. Well, not small, medium. My print-on stickers are always inside one of my tins, my stickers in the sticker paper insert, the most beautiful ink pad, my stamps, already organized because some of them are super tiny, and just the thought of losing them scares me so freaking much. And that’s it. Packing done.

I don’t miss anything while I’m not at home. I always take my favorite things with me, never more, never less.
Because that way, home feels close, and journaling on my grandma’s old dining table doesn’t feel as strange. Mi casa se siente cerca.



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