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We are thrilled to start a whole new Advent Challenge this year. This is the 3rd year we are doing a challenge. And now more than ever, where most of us are at home a lot, there seems to be a need to be creative, to connect and to share! 

We are so grateful we can do this for and with you!

Our Advent KIT is now sold out as a kit, but in our shop you will find these products separately.

Of course you can also use what you have, join the party!

  1. A regular size TN insert 026 – Dot grid (best sold refill this year)
  2. A List with Prompts / themes
  3. A refillbag with 20 of the new Winterjoy girls stickers (new ones in later this week!)
  4. The Mu Wintery rub ons we got from Nikki Dotti.

You can share your posts on INSTAGRAM and/or Facebook, so everyone can join in and share in the fun.

When you post, please use hashtags #cafeanalogadventchallenge and #cafeanalogtalk

so we find- and get to know eachother, maybe start up a nice discussion and cheer eachother on!

The CAFE ANALOG Advent Challenge will take 6 weeks,

starting on Sunday 15 november until 30 december.

You can make this as extensive as you want, so if you are on a roll, go further !

You can make 1 page, a spread or a whole lot of pages with 1 prompt, but we suggest you dive in a bit deeper then normally.

Really think a while about a prompt, what it means to you, and work it out the way you like.

Don’t forget to share, so we can discuss on IG, but you dont HAVE to share of course.

As long as YOU have fun at home!

We just didn’t want to drive (y)ourselves nuts, 
with a daily challenge so chose for a weekly one.

 It is totally up to you, how much time & energy you want to put in!


The Kick-Off  / Sunday november 1st 2020

We will officially start with the prompts in 2 weeks, on Sunday 15th of november.

You always have a whole week to work out the prompt.

You can do more than 1 entry also, if you feel like it, why not? Have fun!

But …..we all looked forward for so long already, that most of us can’t wait to start (you know who you are 🙂

There are some things you can already do starting today:

  1. Decorate your TN Refill – you are totally free, go for it

And if you want to start with an entry by writing/ journaling/ glueing/drawing, why not do the

  1. Monthly Check-In from Project20?

Ask yourself (some of) these questions, answer in writing or give stars (1-5, where 5 is best)

How am I doing

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Work / Job / Career
  • Relationships
  • Family / children
  • Energy level
  • Social Media
  • Creativity
  • Stress

PROMPTS Adventchallenge 2020

Week 1:  15-21 nov 2020

'Oh... what a year!'

Week 2:  22-28 nov 2020

'Hygge, or cozy inside'

Week 3:  29 nov - 5 dec 2020

'Corona proof Christmas Bucketlist'

Week 4: 6 - 12 dec 2020

'My favorite Christmasfilm or story'

Week 5: 13 - 19 dec 2020

Winter naturewalk

Week 6: 20 - 26 dec 2020


BONUS :  26 - 31 dec 2020

NEW YEAR : Goals, plans, dreams and ideas for 2021

(And ...the Chinese Zodiac is Buffalo)


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