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June: Doors and Windows

Hi, everyone! In 2024, we’ll periodically give away the prompts for our monthly Cafe Analog’s friendly journaling challenge #caprojectme24 to add a bit of freshness and spontaneity! 😀

Do you know that “June” came after “Juno,” the Roman Goddess of youth and protection?

Youth represents optimism, a mix of known wisdom and naivete, charming and promising—a willingness to accept that we don’t know everything and that there are so many things we want to learn. Still, we’re thirsty for knowledge and experience. We’re seeing the future with enthusiasm for what the day can bring. We believe in our dreams and our capabilities to do what it takes to get where we want to be. We are honest in hearing the call of our soul. In a way, this protects us—our souls, our longing, and our dreams. While “feeling young,” we dare to keep dreaming no matter what the world (or our parents/authority figures) tell us.

And when talking about dreams, I am constantly reminded of doors and windows. Doors are both a way out—for you to step out into the adventure of the world, and also a way in—for you to step into a space that feels comfortable or inviting. It’s an invitation to go out or to go in. Windows also acts the same way; it’s a way to look out (express, explore, expand) or to look in (reflect, remember, reconnect).

Thus, the design prompt for this month is: Doors & Windows.

This month, create a page in your journal where you create “doors or windows.” You can use tape, a stamp, or cut out your page. You have the creative freedom to translate this prompt! 🙂

We’re curious to see your take on this challenge! 😀 What would your doors or windows look like inside your journal pages?

If you join this #caprojectme24 challenge, you can also share the story about the creative process behind your doors and windows!

These are some June writing prompts you can choose for the #caprojectme24 (you can choose one or work on all of them weekly):


Which part of me feels the most “youthful and protected”? Why is that?


At this moment, do I see a DOOR as an invitation to go out (explore, discover, wander), or to go in (nesting, resting, nurturing)? Why?


At this moment, do I see a WINDOW as a way to look out (express, explore, expand) or to look in (reflect, remember, reconnect)? Why?


Write down my most vivid memories that involved a door or a window. Which memories or scenes jump into my mind immediately right now? What significance does it carry?

If you are doing this #caprojectme24 at the end of June, you can also write down a recap of your month, highlighting essential events or life lessons you’ve experienced. Feel free to be creative and choose/translate/modify the prompts as you like!

You can tag us with #caprojectme24 to share your page with our Cafe Analog community! Have fun whether you’re going out or going in, looking out or looking in! See you on the other side of your doors and windows!

Photo by Mari Madriz on Unsplash

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