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Traveler’s Notebook – 011 – Binder Refill


Traveler’s Notebook – 011 – Binder Refill

The 011 Binder for your TRAVELER’S notebook refills may be one of the most thoughtful refill options of the spectrum. Made to hold up to 5 refills, you can now build your own TRAVELER’S notebook refill library.

We love the idea that TRAVELER’S Company made a binder for your refill.
After all, the notes you wrote down are thoughts you do not want to lose, so saving the notebooks that contain these notes, makes total sense. While you’re at it; why not store them in nice fashion?

Simply use the metal rods as the new spine and you can start cataloging your refills. Business ideas, city trips anything can be stored. Use the Brass Index Clips to index the refills and you can use the Brass Label Plates to mark the content of the 011. Binder.

Measures 23 x 13,1 x 4 cm
Can hold up to 5 notebooks. Made of paper, with steel clasps

Made in Japan

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