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025. MD Paper Cream Refill TRAVELER’S notebook


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025. MD Paper Cream Refill TRAVELER’S notebook

New additions to the TRAVELER’S notebook lineup are available now. 

This 025. MD Paper Cream Refill is designed for the ease of writing and utilizes MD Paper Cream. It counts 64 pages.
This MD paper refill won’t smudge or bleed-through, which makes it a perfect match for fountain pen users. The paper is similar to the  Midori MD Blank notebooks.

Latest additions to the TRAVELER’S Notebook lineup

Created in 2006, the TRC team has expanded the range slowly and gradually. Taking time to think about each addition, new color and use of the new inserts. Over the time span of more than 10 years, they took a lot of care in contemplating what kind of items are quintessence to the use of a Traveler’s notebook.  In 2019, we welcome a handful of additions to their TN line up.

As such, three new kind of paper refills are added. So many fans have asked for dot grid paper, and this year, we can finally tell you; yes you can buy dotted paper refills for your TRAVELER’S notebook! Following the Spiral Ring Notebook, cream paper, watercolor paper and a cardfile notebook are also added.

Replacing Refills in your Traveler’s Notebook

The paper refill is easily replaced, simply slide it underneath the elastic band. If you want more than 1 refill in your TRAVELER’S notebook, you can place a second notebook underneath the second elastic band in the spine of the leather cover. You can also opt for the connecting bands, connecting up to three refills in your notebook.

Measures 21 x 11 x 0,4 cm
Contains 64 pages of MD Dot Grid Paper (Saddle Stitched)
Features a Dot Grid of 5 x 5 mm

Made in Japan

Additional information

Weight 56 g
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