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028. Card File Refill TRAVELER’S notebook


Only 4 Available! (can be backordered)


028. Card File Refill TRAVELER’S notebook

New additions to the TRAVELER’S notebook lineup are available now. 

This 028. Card FileRefill TRAVELER’S Notebook is an adaptation from the Spiral Ring Notebook lineup. It features the same sheets as its Card File.

This TRAVELER’S Notebook Card File refill is made of kraft sheets with PP covers, creating a card file. It counts 20 sheets and each sheet has 3 pockets, so 60 pockets. Use this insert to store business cards of your favorite local shops, or create your photo album with instax mini.

Measures 21 x 11 x 0,4 cm
Contains 20 kraft pages, featuring a total of 60 pockets

Made in Japan

Additional information

Weight 105 g
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