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Baum-kuchen Wax Seal “Ichigo Ichie”


Sorry they are all gone 😭


Baum-kuchen Wax Seal “Ichigo Ichie”

With our beloved “Ichigo Ichie” quote engraved on the stamp, you will be able to not only seal your next snail mail… but also stamp on your journal page, a little gift for someone, etc. The possibility is endless! We love that this wax seal stamp adds meaning to your analogue details instead of simply being ornamental. It’s functional and beautiful at the same time. It will be a timeless way to add your signature look.

“Here. Now. With you. Together.”

Check the beautiful Faux Coin Sylvie made (check also @Passion_ephemera on IG )

The overall design is inspired by Japanese 5-yen coin which is often considered as a lucky charm coin. The front of the charm features the Chinese characters for “Ichigo Ichie” and the back of the charm has a designed motif of the cherry blossom gently swept through the breeze.

The wax seal is made of solid brass and engraved just perfectly to give a crisp impression.

We hope you enjoy!

Dimension: Seal design width: 1″ inch / 2.54 cm

Overall height including wooden handle: 2.75″ inch  / 6,98 cm

Designed By: Baum-kuchen   

Additional information

Weight 76 g
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