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Baum-Kuchen x Joni Marriott – Growth – Special Collab Stamp


Artist Joni Marriott designed this particular stamp illustration in collaboration with Baum-kuchen.

About Joni Marriott:

Joni was born in the wild Berlin in the 1980s. After school, she lived in France, where she wanted to study art. Since she couldn’t get into any art schools in France, she found her way back to Germany, Saarbrücken, right at the French border. This temporary solution turned into a life, as it often does.

She still happily lives, loves, and works with her family in Saarbrücken. Joni always strives to dive deep into the subject’s substance and add another layer of meaning. Often working with clean lines and a restricted black-and-white color palette, Joni communicates the most surreal and complex of subject matters with finesse. Her superpower is the art of drawing twisted thoughts and surrealist imagery most straightforwardly.

Joni has worked with clients including – Greenpeace, The New York Times, De Standaard newspaper, Die Zeit newspaper, Penguin Random House, Teen Vogue, and Urban Outfitters.

Material: Rubber stamp with wooden handle

Dimension: L 1″ x W 1.5″

Designed By: Joni Marriott in collaboration with Baum-Kuchen in California

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