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BK Tape No.016 / Daydream


Sorry they are all gone 😭


BK Tape No.016 / Daydream

The BK team member Eunice designed the tape Daydream to share a glimpse of her everyday moment.

“Oftentimes while I am journaling, you can find me daydreaming at the same time. My mind travels to imaginary places encompassed with an array of lucid colors. In this particular daydream, I was surrounded by fields of gold flowers as the sun shone down and surrounded the atmosphere like a warm embrace.

We hope this daydream radiates synonymous feelings to your analogue projects.” -Eunice

Dimension: 15mm x 10m (0.59in x 39.37in)

Designed By: Baum-kuchen   







Additional information

Weight 46 g
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