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Forest Tune Series – by Elsiewithlove

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Who is Elsie ?

Elsie is a new fresh Malyasian designer we discovered, who’s distinctive art and designs we fell in love with the moment we saw them. Such playful and heartwarming creatures are a treat to eye and soul, don’t you agree? We thinks she deserves the world as an audience and that is why we are offering her first 3 series to start with. Here she introduces her 1st serie:

Forest Tune Series

Inspired by nature and music, both of which I can’t simply live without. These crafted meranti wooden stamps are an interpretation on the coexistence between nature and music, giving your journal pages a touch of magical tunes.

Measurements   4 x 3 x 2,6 cm / Rubber on Meranti wood

Choose from (numbers are with pictures too)

FTV1-A  /  FTV1-B  /  FTV1-C /  FTV1-D /  FTV1-E

The one in the middle is a limited ‘Kakpoot’ sold in the  Kakpoot series!


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