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Kokuyo – Bobbin Maker and accessoires

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Concept of Bobbin Series by Kokuyo

‘Just the thought of which one to buy and how to use made me happy already.

I never knew that rolling washi tapes into different small rolls allows me to use more of them,

share and swap them and make me feel so happy’.


Bobbin by Kokuyo is a cleverly designed series of masking tape and tools. This series has been awarded grand price on the Stationery Women’s Award (Bungu Joshi Hanku Stationery Festival) for year of 2020.

The concept behind Bobbin series is for collecting, carrying, using and exchanging masking tapes, making more uses of your tape collection. You can use these tools to collect the washi tapes you would like to bring along easily and share among with anyone you love.

As the name suggested, “Bobbin tape” is a small size masking tape that resembles a bobbin wound on a thread used in sewing machines. You can also attach “bobbin tapes” to each other and compactly collect tapes with various patterns.

“Bobbin reel core” is used to rewind your own masking tape to make your own “Bobbin tape” by using the “Bobbin maker”.

Only masking tape with a tape width of 15 mm, an inner diameter of 18-40mm, and an outer diameter of 50mm or less are suitable to be used for rewinding with the Bobbin Maker.

The bobbin maker reel comes with one reel and two bobbin cores.  A set of 6 cores are also available, so if you want to make more than 2 “bobbin washi tapes”, you should purchase the core set as well.  The petit cutter comes with a set of 3 cutters. The case can hold 1 cutter, it prevents your washi to get dusty on travels.

  1. BOBBIN – machine (1 Bobbin core maker + 2 core Pcs Attached )
  2. BOBBIN extra Bobbin core set  – 6 Pcs
  3. BOBBIN Petite Utility Knife cutter (3 pcs)
  4. BOBBIN Utility Cutter Case

Available in color WHITE

Watch a video on how to here: By Kokuyo

Designed by KOKUYO

Made in Japan

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1. BOBBIN – machine, 2. BOBBIN extra core set 6 Pcs, 3. BOBBIN Petite cutter, 4. BOBBIN Petite Cutter Case

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