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Kurukynki – BASIC FRAME – Square B


Kurukynki – BASIC FRAME – Square B

I always love to carry some old collections of my favorite artists. I think loads of great designs are timeless, and you can always fall in love with them repeatedly. This one is such a classic that we just need to get it back into the shop for those who are new to Kyn’s work or haven’t stumbled upon this set before: a basic frame stamp set that you can use over and over again to layer and collage to make beautiful paper tags and labels for your journals and happy mails! Think of the limitless possibilities to mix and match them with various stamps you own + print-on stickers!!! This set is beautiful to use as date header, or to layer with Kurukynki’s DAYS stamp.

20 x 20 mm, 2 stamps in a set


Sorry it's sold out 😭

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