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Note: We will have another shipment of at the end of July/mid-August, and we will keep restocking their items periodically 🙂 – Daily words vol.3 (set of six) 日常文字 vol.3 (一套六款)

活在當下 – Live in the moment
自由自在 – Footloose and fancy-free
感謝相遇 – Grateful for the encounter
莫忘初衷 – Stay with your original intention
溫柔以待 – Treat gently
歲月靜好 – Peaceful and steady life

– Made in Taiwan

– Stamp size:  28x8mm
– Beechwood + White rubber
– The logo of is printed on the side of the stamp
– The handles are made from different parts of wood, so the color of each seal is different in color/texture

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