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Like Studio – Little Angels .. set of 5 stamps

 12,95 15,95


Here is a new Brand discovery of yours faithfully:  Like Studio
'When your dreams come alive, you're unstoppable'
The Like Studio series feature Fairytale children, little witches, angels and flowergirls; we were smitten the moment we saw them.
These sweet angels are here for you for Christmas*, let them be your little helpers!
The stamps have intricate detailed patterns, typical of Like Studio designs, but also feature an improved technological design with an added sponge layer between the rubber and the wooden block.
This makes it easier to apply pressure uniformly to get a clean impression.
There are 5 stamps in this set:
*click on picture to see name of the stamp underneath
  1. Shooting Star ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ Wooden Quote stamp     25 x 65mm
  2. Wishing Angel girl –  with Magic wand     60 x 40 mm
  3. Little Messenger – bringing mail and presents      60 x 40 mm
  4. Listening Angel – I can’t hear you ?       70 x 30 mm
  5. Little Ida – bringing a flower      40 x 65 mm

Additional information

Weight 35 g

Shooting Star 'UNSTOPPABLE'  , Wishing Angel girl, Little Messenger, Listening Angel, Little Ida

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