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Nove Production – a.round – Carpe Diem – Stamp Set


Nove Production – a.round – Carpe Diem – Stamp Set

From Nove: “{ a.round } –  going out of our comfort zone, we created this unique and functional collection consisting of 2 sets of rubber stamps. There are 2 stamps in each set, one in a special doughnut shape and another in a round shape that can fit perfectly into the middle of the doughnut stamp!”

A lovely breakthrough from Nove to create this circular stamp set! CARPE DIEM – enjoy the present and worry less about the future { seize the day }. Recording every special moment you want to remember. (TIME). 2 stamps in a set.

Wood Thickness 2cm

  • Outer Circle – 5.5cm diameter (doughnut shape)
  • Inner Circle – 2cm diameter (round shape)

Materials: Red Rubber & Wooden Handle

Sorry it's sold out 😭

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