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OEDA Letterpress – Frame Card Box (Black or Bronze)


OEDA Letterpress – Frame Card Box (Black or Bronze)

This beautiful box has 5 cards of 6 types of business cards. It is a great value set that contains 30 business card-sized cards in a box made of the same kind of paper.

Made out of Finnish papelli, a paper from Finland, it is mixed with wood chips and has a slight woody scent. Since it is light and well-recessed, it is suitable for letterpress printing, so it has become a variety of products in the Oeda letterpress room.

COLORS Black or Bronze

FRAME card
91 x 55mm 6 types, 5 sheets each, 30 sheets.
Card thickness: 0.9mm

Box size
approx. 70 x 110 x height 35mm

made in Japan

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