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 71,99 – 9pt no. 3 – Tiny Text Stamps Set

Since many of you are asking for this one: here they are—the tiny and delicate stamp sets in 9pt. So versatile and come in 18 stamps per set—they are the go-to stamps to carry on during your vacation/travels! They are also perfect if you like slight touch in your journal or love working on passport-size or A6 journals, it also gives your journal such a dreamy, nostalgic effect for some reasons! Definitely a timeless and collectible stamps set you will cherish for many years to come 🙂

We may not place another restock for this product until next year, so this will be your one chance to grab them this year.

18 stamps per set, 30 x 6 x 24 mm, designed by Pooi Chin

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“” it’s like opening a new tab/ a new page of a day;
“Sunlight // Stars” also decipher as day/ night. They somewhat affect our mood;
“Collection —————” it can be anything! What yours?
“What about;” a dialogue to yourself. What about trying something different from the usual?
“maybe me, too.” something that resonates;
“The journey of” to be explored;
“~ ~ ~.* ’ ” a pattern that can be used to highlight/ underline text, or simply to add some cheeky symbols;
“MORE THAN LOVE” of something you’ve created/ crafted; or using it to document an overwhelming emotion that you’ve gained from an encounter;
“Everyday.” practical stamp for any occasions;
“Emotion.txt” a file (written text) consists of your heart-pouring feelings;
“(Volume symbol)” music heals. Keeping it at a calming volume during a time with myself;
“move to trash” perhaps of some thoughts worth documenting, yet to be discarded;
“ > add to favourites” to mark something that is special to you;
“aesthetics.” a scene that moves you;
“&-in-between…” among a contrast;
“Save as: draft” uncertain;
“” occupied, being at work, in the zone;
“(than ever…)” that lingers in your mind…

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