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PION – Peel-off PET Tape – Meet You


You can’t open this PET Tape without saying, “Aaawwww…”

Really, they are gorgeous!!!

If you are into PION’s Bird Island PET Tape or Transfer Stickers, you don’t want to miss this one! With its beautiful, playful, and sweet vibe, this peel-off PET Tape (yes, no need to cut! just peel and stick!). You can find some washi-like strips and round/rectangular frames/labels with birds, plants, flowers, and other natural design elements that will make you smile! It is a PET tape that will brighten up your journal, happy mail, and other craft projects.

Primarily tinted with cream, yellow, blue, lavender, and green accent colors, this is the perfect PET tape for winter and spring.

5 cm x 10 m (100-cm loop)

Sorry it's sold out 😭

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