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PION Transfer Stickers Garden – NEW


PION Transfer Stickers GARDEN

A series of pressure-activated stickers which are printed with beautiful and stunning designs. Only pressure is needed to activate these adhesive stickers.

You could choose to cut out your desired part of the sticker sheet, or apply the whole sheet. Remove the backing sheet, and by pressing on the desired pattern of the sticker sheet, the decal will remain and then the image is created. You can use the prowood stick you use for MU print ons.

By stacking different patterns of print-on stickers, you could also create various visual effect and the richness of colours would became an expressions of visual elegance. The outcomes are truly magical, get ready to get inspired enjoy them with your limitless creativity.

Content: 2 sheets/per set

Material: Paper, PVC, Adhesive

Sorry it's sold out 😭

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