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SomesortofFern – Fabric/Fiber – Print-on/Transfer Stickers


SomesortofFern – Fabric/Fiber – Print-on/Transfer Stickers

The swatches are often cut directly from the main fabric, a small piece of rags from the corners. It is always strange in shape, but each has its cuteness. When SomesortofFern was sorting out the fabric samples at home, she saw the thread ends and rags that fell on the ground and felt that there were enough hooks, so she collected them all together!

| How to use |

① Cut out the pattern you want to transfer
②Tear off the white backing paper
③ Put it in the position to be transferred
④ Average pressure and leveling
⑤ Pull off the corner of the transparent sheet to confirm whether the pattern has been completely transferred. If there is any pattern left on the transparent sheet, cover it and press again.
⑥ The transfer is completed after tearing off the transparent sheet

10 cm x 15 cm, a set of 2 different patterns, front and back, with white ink design added to the pattern

Occasionally, it is normal for the backing paper to have some slight undulations. It is generated during the process of gluing and laminating the backing paper for the transfer sticker, which does not affect the transfer effect. The transferred pattern will be damaged if scratched, please be careful.

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