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Shachihata – STAMP and SEALMAT – GREEN or BLUE



A very smart little gadget for dedicated Stamplovers!

Especially for using Hanko/Inkan stone stamps and metal stamps, we love to use this nifty gel pad to get a crisper stamp image.

But it also works perfectly with your rubber stamps! Slide it under the paper you want the stamp on,  and press the stamp onto the paper. All our symbols are looking so much better now! Promise you will love it. Easy to take with you, weighs not much, and it is flat.

This mat is also perfect to make wax seals. Once you poured your wax and stamped it with your seals, you can wait a bit then simply bend the mat to release your wax seals. Very easy and simple!

Measures 100 x 75 x 3mm

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