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TRAVELER’S notebook camel starter kit contains a leather cover, blank refill, spare elastic band and is nicely packed in a cotton dustbag and a kraft paper bag. The unboxing experience is great, and makes for a great gift.

After the first camel edition was introduced for TRAVELER’S notebook 5th year anniversary, this was a much sought after color. We loved that the Midori design team decided to bring it to life in the STAR edition, a tribute to the Hong Kong Star Ferry. After huge demand, the camel color cover is added to the standard line up of the TRAVELER’s notebook range.

TRAVELER’S notebook

A leather notebook cover, which can be transformed into the notebook you need it to be. We love that TRAVELER’S notebook is like a blank canvas, its starter kit is a leather cover and a blank refill notebook, which you can easily replace when full.

The leather is made in a factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and becomes more beautiful with age. Every scratch tells something about the journey, and the total surface of the leather cover tells the story of the owner. We love the ‘Age Well’ signature TRAVELER’S notebook proudly carries.

The beauty of TRAVELER’S notebook lies in the gamma beyond this starter kit. The 24 refills ensure you can create your own notebook, which is different from everybody else’s (that is, if you want it to be). Be it for journalling, happy planners, drawing, personal or business notes, you design the notebook and how often you use it.


Leather Cover / 21,8x13x1cm
Made in Thailand
Notebook / 21x11x0,4cm, Blank, 64 pages, MD Paper (stitch bound)
Made in Japan
Cotton Bag / 24x15cm
Spare Rubber Band

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Weight 350 g
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