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Windry R x Cafe Analog – SOULMATE – PET Tape


Windry R x Cafe Analog – SOULMATE – PET Tape

soulmate | ˈsəʊlmeɪt | noun a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

Cafe Analog x Windry R. collab, SOULMATE—now available in PET version!

This year, we want to play around with the concept of ‘soulmate’—and what if, instead of only searching for one, we’re also becoming one—either for ourselves or others?

What if we can be our own soulmate—a best friend, a confidant, a trusted partner? What if we are not limiting the term ‘soulmate’ to a person but also to everything that our soul loves? Which music is your soulmate? Which book? Which animal? Which weekend project or activity?

This was the idea behind SOULMATE—where we play around with soft colors we haven’t explored much before, like soft blue—for that sense of resting peacefulness you experience when you look up and stare at the sky, khaki—for some groundedness and neutral shade that brings calm and tranquility, as well as blush—that represents spring blooms and also the blushing cheek you get when you’re brimming with happiness from the inside 🙂

We hope these girls will remind us to take time to find and become our soulmate(s), and to nurture our souls by doing the things that will make us blush with silent contentment: a quiet joy that you can feel simmering from within.

7.5 cm x 10 m, 84-cm loop



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