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008. Zipperfile TRAVELER’S notebook


008. Zipperfile TRAVELER’S notebook

The 008. Zipper file is the most popular of the plastic refills for TRAVELER’S notebook.

One side features a zipper and can hold truly all items, from small paper and notes to pens, clips, elastic bands, stamps and so on. The list is simply too long.

The other side features 2 bigger pockets for documents and cards.

If you need a folder in your notebook, but for some reason dislike the plastic material, have a look at the 020.Kraft file instead.

Replacing Refills

Just as the paper refills, the zipper file is easily added by sliding it underneath a sitting paper refill. It basically wraps around a regular refill like a cover.

Measures 21,1 x 22,3 cm (OPEN)
Consist of 1 Zipper Pocket + 1 Pocket, Made of PVC

Made in Japan

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