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Kakpoot triplets – by Elsiewithlove


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Meet the 7th family members THE TRIPLETS – they are up for adoption now!

Triple the Kakpoot Family fun with these little guys! Elsie says “I must say they are rather cheeky for its species”, so keep a secure spot on your desk for them.

Who is Elsie ?

Elsie is a new fresh Malyasian designer we discovered, who’s distinctive art and designs we fell in love with the moment we saw them. Such playful and heartwarming creatures are a treat to eye and soul, don’t you agree? We thinks she deserves the world as an audience and that is why we are offering her first 3 series to start with. Here she introduces her 2nd serie:

Kakpoot Series

A new family is in town! They are a Cactus in a pot, a Kak-Poot!

The Kakpoot Family is ever growing. These cute creatures are an inspiration bringing inanimate objects to life! Living among our desk and stationeries. Invite them over to your journals and they’ll bring you joy for sure!

Kakpoot #7 – The TRIPLETS

Measurements   4 x 3 x 2,6 cm / Rubber on Meranti wood



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Weight 40 g

Kakpoot1, Kakpoot2, Kakpoot3, Kakpoot4, Kakpoot5, Kakpoot CVS1 limited, KakpootCS2-Limited

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