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LEAF Stamp- exclusive Cafe Analog x Jieyanow Atelier


LEAF Stamp- exclusive Cafe Analog x Jieyanow Atelier

Jieyanow Atelier (@jieyanow.atelier on Instagram) is a visionary of little things in life that matters. Just like her we believe in beauty that lies in the little details. We really adore her elegant designstyle and her personality.

This beautiful limited stamp is released in a happy collaboration between Jie and Cafe Analog and will not be for sale anywhere else!

The high quality solid wood is cut by hand, goes through layers of sanding, buffing and coating.

Products are equipped with a transparent wrapper, in the form of a teabag, and topped with a little product label. We filled up the bag with some precious little dried roses that smell lovely! We assure you, you will love using this stamp!

Please find the rubber stamp’s dimension as per below:

Stamp size  3 x 4 x 2 cm

weight 24 gr

Sorry it's sold out 😭

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