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MD Notebooks – A5 (Dot grid, Frame)




Midori MD Notebook Journal

In 2018 Midori celebrated their 10th year anniversary with a set of 10 different types of A5 MD paper notebooks. These formats ranges from MD Storyboard, Vertical Lines, to Oversized Grid, and (our personal favorites) Grid with Margin. The most favorite proved to be the Dot Grid and Frame, and the MD team decided to add these to the regular line up in 2019.

The main idea behind the MD Notebook Journal to collect everyday memories, and create your own autobiography. Each MD Notebook Journal counts 192 pages.

MD Notebooks – A5 Dot Grid

MD Notebook Journal Dot Grid A5 has 192 pages, that is more than 1 page per dag for half a year. This dot grid is printed in a bright turquoise blue, and has two larger dots at the top. You can use this area to write the date, and in so create a diary to write down your everyday memories.

The dot grid gives you the structure as a ruled version, but allows more flexibility and helps with bullet journaling to draw perfect boxes.

MD Notebook Journal Dot Grid A5 measures 21 x 14,8 cm and counts 192 pages.


MD Notebook Journal Frame A5

has blank pages with several frames printed in a burgundy red. You will find three small frames right at the top, which you can use for headings such as a title, and a date. And within the big blank space on each page, anything goes. Write, draw, color, it is up to you.

This MD Notebook Journal Frame A5 measures 21 x 14,8 cm and counts 192 pages.


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A5 Dot Grid, A5 Frame

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