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SAILOR Profit Jr – Mizutama Kohiru – Limited Edition Fountain Pen


SAILOR Profit Jr – Mizutama Kohiru – Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Are you new to fountain pens and want to start with a relatively affordable fountain pen but with high quality? Or maybe you are a fan of fountain pens and would like to have something more playful and less serious—a not-too-precious but gorgeous fountain pen for everyday usage that you can carry in your bag or take with you on a cafe journaling session?

Well, we think the SAILOR Profit Jr – Mizutama – Limited Edition Fountain Pen is the answer! Sailor is such an excellent fountain pen brand, so you will get that high-quality fountain pen that is compatible with other SAILOR product lines. And Mizutama is a very popular designer with her cute and adorable characters!

We love that it’s like a starter kit for fountain pen lovers: you get a medium-fine nib pen (and a pen body that expresses the color of shimmering ink—where the colors change depending on the viewing angle), a special ink bottle (10 ml), and an ink converter.

Isn’t it nice that you don’t have to buy an additional converter/ink—and can just use your fountain pen right away? It’s also perfect as a gift to a beginner fountain pen enthusiast!

stainless steel nib, medium fine (MF), PMMA resin, nickel-chrome finish, 17 x 134 mm
The set includes Pen x 1, Converter x 1, and 10ml Special Ink x 1, so you can start using it right away.
made in Japan
photos courtesy of Sailor, Japan x Mizutama

Sorry it's sold out 😭

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