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Seasonal Series “Kakpoot Lantern”- by Elsiewithlove


Who is Elsie ?

Elsie is a new fresh Malyasian designer we discovered, who’s distinctive art and designs we fell in love with the moment we saw them. Such playful and heartwarming creatures are a treat to eye and soul, don’t you agree? We thinks she deserves the world as an audience and that is why we are offering her first 3 series to start with. Here she introduces her 2nd serie:

Season Series ‘Kakpoot Lantern’

This Lantern stamp is to celebrate autumn & winter season.

The seasonal series is crafted to commemorate special occasions and festive seasons of all kinds. The stamps are unique way to celebrate these occasions and seasons, representing the diversity of our culture.More stamps to be added to the collection!

Meranti wood and rubber / Measures   4 x 3 cm

Sorry it's sold out 😭

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