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Project Me 2023 is Back! (Full Prompts for the Whole Year!)

#CAProjectMe2023 is here!

We are often told that journaling is therapeutic, that we should start to journal more, that it helps us focus and relax, that it sparks our creativity, and that it will help us find clarity in our lives. But sometimes starting can be difficult. We may not know where to start or have too many ideas and journaling supplies that overwhelm us we can’t figure out what to journal about. This is why we created #CAProjectMe!

Initiated by Desiree in 2018, #CAProjectMe is an annual journaling challenge by Cafe Analog to help us and our analog friends fill up our journals, use up our stationery supplies, and nurture creative habits.

This 2023, #CAProjectMe23 is back! Feel free to choose from our selection of weekly and monthly prompts. Just follow your intuition and do what feels light and right for you!

If you want to write your thoughts without worrying about adding any decorative elements to your journal, do it. If you feel like making collages or layers, printing photos and using your stationery supplies, do it. If you feel like writing and collaging each month, do it. If you have time to work on one journal prompt every week and it feels good, do it!

This is why it’s called #CAProjectMe23.

It is designed for you. YOU decide what is fun, light, and enjoyable while sitting with your cup of warm beverage, journal, and stationery supplies.

Let things flow. Relax. Breathe. Enjoy the moment. Trust the process. Drop any judgment. Play. Make a mess.

Have fun.

With #CAProjectMe23, everyone’s take on the prompts will be different, and that is precisely the beauty of it! Comparison becomes irrelevant.

Work with the supplies you have, express your style, share your thoughts (or pages, if you wish!), organize a meet-up to do the challenge together with your analog friends, be creative, and be kind to yourself and your journaling process. We wish you to feel good, energized, and inspired while working on #CAProjectMe23!

Are you excited? Read on for our #CAProjectMe23 prompts!

How It Works

This year, we have monthly and weekly (four per month) journaling prompts to keep you excited. Feel free to choose which one you’d like to take on. We know life can be unpredictable, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. When you have the time, just pick a prompt that sparks your creativity and work from there.

Each month, you can always find a monthly recap prompt.

We believe monthly recap journaling is essential for reflecting on the past month. It’s also a way to take care of ourselves by being aware of our experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

This process can be done in many ways, but we will share the one we do:

First, write down what you have been grateful for in the past month. This could include anything from small accomplishments to big ones.

Then, write down what went well and didn’t in all areas of your life.

Are there any reminders or lessons from this month that you want to remember? Do you need to break a pattern? Do you need to be aware of things that trigger you? Do you need to take more time to breathe and be horizontal on the couch? 🙂

Next, make a list of self-care things or activities that you want to do next month. This can be anything from going on a walk to reading a book or setting your phone on silent mode.

Lastly, make one goal for next month. This could be something like exercising more, spending quality time with your family, or trying new recipes; then, write what it means if this goal is met. How would you feel? How would it improve your quality of life and experience?

We see monthly recap journaling as an excellent self-care activity to check in with ourselves, keep ourselves accountable, and celebrate our progress over the year—no matter how small.

Do note that in #CAProjectMe23, we also have some writing prompts and page-design prompts. You are free to choose if you only want to write, do layout and collages, or combine both—depending on your time, energy, and creativity levels at a particular moment.

Make this #CAProjectMe23 yours—however you like!

2023 Prompts


Monthly prompt: What is my intention for this year?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • Cozy things
    • Woods or cabins
    • Time
    • Pastel/soft colors

Writing prompts to select from:

    • 2022 highlights
    • 2023 intentions
    • Things I can do this year to widen my comfort zone
    • Monthly recap of my January


Monthly prompt: What can I do to express my love?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • Letters
    • Postcards or snail mail
    • Love or memories
    • Pink or purple

Writing prompts to select from:

    • A letter to someone who means a lot to me
    • A love letter to my future self
    • A letter I wish to receive from someone
    • Monthly recap of my February


Monthly prompt: What am I looking forward to in life?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • Sky objects
    • Constellations
    • Dreams
    • Black or dark brown

Writing prompts to select from:

    • My childhood dreams
    • Dreams of mine that have come true
    • Things I want to experience in this lifetime
    • Monthly recap of my March


Monthly prompt: What do I need to let go? Which areas of my life I need to clean up?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • Spring
    • Nature
    • House/objects around the house
    • Yellow

Writing prompts to select from:

    • Physical spring cleaning: things I need less/more in my life
    • Mental spring cleaning: things I need to focus on less/more in my life
    • Digital/spiritual spring cleaning: things I need to do less/more in my life
    • Monthly recap of my April


Monthly prompt: How can I bring more tiny joy into my daily life?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • Forest, florals, or leaves
    • Forest animals
    • Things that bring you joy
    • Green

Writing prompts to select from:

    • List of happy simple things that uplift my mood
    • People I appreciate and why
    • My sweet memories
    • Monthly recap of my May


Monthly prompt: How can I widen my comfort zone? What do I need to try?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • Oceans, sea objects, or beach vibe
    • Water
    • Nautical, rain, rivers
    • Blue

Writing prompts to select from:

    • Me from 10 years ago versus me today
    • What causes me discomfort?
    • How can I widen my comfort zone?
    • Monthly recap of my June


Monthly prompt: What kind of memories do I want to make and keep?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • People
    • Fashion or food
    • Lifestyle, travel, or daily objects
    • Red

Writing prompts to select from:

    • Experiences I want to have: My Life’s Bucket List
    • My most memorable summer
    • 11 things that make me feel nostalgic
    • Monthly recap of my July


Monthly prompt: If my life were a book/music/movie, what is the theme and why?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • Music or movies
    • Photographs
    • Books or stationeries
    • Muted colors

Writing prompts to select from:

    • List of my favorite music and movies or books of all time
    • The most resonating quotes/lyrics/dialogue and why
    • My life if it were a book/music/movie
    • Monthly recap of my August


Monthly prompt: Which legacy from my family/culture/upbringing that I want to pass on?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • Vintage
    • Old or antiques
    • Sepia or polaroid
    • Neutral colors

Writing prompts to select from:

    • List of things I still remember from my childhood
    • Family heirlooms or ephemera that have meanings for me
    • Something I appreciate from my culture/roots/family/upbringing
    • Monthly recap of my September


Monthly prompt: How do I enjoy my alone/downtime?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • Autumn
    • Pumpkin or spices
    • Tea, coffee, pastries, or sweet things
    • Orange or light brown

Writing prompts to select from:

    • My favorite ways to wind down or relax
    • Things I do when I am alone
    • Things I enjoy doing with friends/spouse/children/others
    • Monthly recap of my October


Monthly prompt: What matters to me in living life?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • Graphics or abstract shapes
    • Words or tickets
    • Labels/packagings
    • Grey, black and white

Writing prompts to select from:

    • Things that matter the most to me in life
    • What makes my daily life meaningful?
    • Which role would I want to play in the world?
    • Monthly recap of my November


Monthly prompt: How is my 2023? How do I feel about it?

Page-design themes to select from:

    • Celebrations or holidays
    • Gifts or treats
    • Sweet little things or something warm
    • A combination of two to three colors

Writing prompts to select from:

    • My holiday, new year, or year-end plans
    • Things I’m grateful for this year
    • Things I learn about life and myself this year
    • Monthly recap of December: Memory highlights of 2023

Are you planning to work on #CAProjectMe23? We have some tips for you—hope these help!

#CAProjectMe23 Tips

1. Have fun!

We want this challenge to leave you feeling inspired, energized, intrigued, and relaxed at the same time. We don’t want to stress you out or put more pressure on your life. So feel free to pick the prompts as you like—monthly or weekly, whether writing or page design or both—as long as you’re having a good time!

2. Be creative.

No need to take the design or writing prompts rigidly. Interpret them however you like. For instance, the word ‘forest’ or ‘cozy’ may bring different images, sensations, or memories to each of us. Follow that. The writing prompts may spark follow-up questions that tug on your heartstrings. Write about it. This is what makes #ProjectMe23 so personal.

3. Create a stationery capsule.

If you wish to follow the design theme each month and have a vast stationery collection, create your monthly stationery capsule. Choose 6, 12, 18, or 21 things from your stationery collections. This way, you are rotating your supplies and ensuring they are used and loved. Also, you will save yourself from getting overwhelmed due to so many stationery options! If you’re set to receive your seasonal Stationery Box from Cafe Analog, see how you can hook up its contents with the corresponding monthly/weekly prompts!

4. Connect with your analog community.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to take up a challenge by yourself. If you feel like it, organize a #ProjectMe23 meet-up with analog friends in your area. You can also schedule one online! It’s also exciting to see how everyone interprets the prompts and makes meaningful connections with people just like you!

5. Share light-heartedly.

Of course, we’ll be happy if you share your spread and #ProjectMe23 journey on social media. We always find it exciting to peek into other people’s journals (with consent!). However, please keep the pressure of sharing from getting to you! You don’t have to share everything if you don’t feel like it. But if you do, share with a happy heart 🙂 and please use the hashtag #CAProjectMe23 so the community can find you!

Are you looking forward to #CAProjectMe23?

Everyday life quickly fills up our days and weeks with constant busyness. We understand that it can be challenging to carve out time for creative endeavors, let alone find the motivation to start new projects.

At Cafe Analog, we care about creativity and finding inspirational outlets to explore our passions, enjoy our analog time, and find beautiful moments in our daily life.

With #CAProjectMe23, we hope you will have a personal project to ignite your creativity with journal writing prompts, themes, and ideas.

It’s time to dust off your journal and start writing!

See you in #CAProjectMe23 🙂

PS. You can also download our e-book version of #CAProjectMe23 here.

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