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Traveler’s Notebook Regular – 018 – Free Diary Weekly – TN Refill


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018. Free Diary Weekly TRAVELER’S notebook

Want to start using your analogue calendar and cannot wait until January 2021? This 018. Free Diary Weekly enables you to start the calendar mid-year. Just fill in the day you start and work from there.

This 018. Free Weekly Diary has the lay-out of a weekly diary printed, NOT the dates. The dates you will need to fill in yourself. Easy does it.

The weekly version has one week spread over two pages for six months. The days are set up in columns.

The Weekly Free Diary is also available in another set up; with a week vertically on the left page and a grid sheet on the right; handy for memo’s and notes. Only need a monthly overview? Please see the Monthly Free Diary for TRAVELER’S notebook.

Replacing Refills

The paper refill is easily replaced, simply slide it underneath the elastic band. If you want more than 1 refill in your TRAVELER’S notebook, you can place a second notebook underneath the second elastic band in the spine of the leather cover. You can also opt for the connecting bands, connecting up to three refills in your notebook.

*Since a bundle contains pages for half a year, you need two to cover a whole year.

Measures 21 x 11 x 0,4 cm*
Weekly pages for 28 weeks, half a year
64 pages in total
MD Paper

Made in Japan

Additional information

Weight 56 g
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