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Cafe Analog – Kuuki – Buying Bread – Stamp


Cafe Analog – Kuuki – Buying Bread – Stamp

This spring, Cafe Analog x Beradadisini launched a stamp series called KUUKI: THIS IS LIFE, which has six stamps in the series. You can read the full story of KUUKI’s creation here. Kuuki – Buying Bread represents the daily routine like grocery shopping—things we do to sustain ourselves, but also something that can bring us joy when we do it mindfully. Imagine buying bread while thinking, “Oooh, what kind of jam will I have with this? What kind of cheese? Can I make garlic bread? What if I make a sandwich? Can I make something nice for a friend, for my Mom, for my son?” and in the spirit of feeding ourselves (and our souls), we can turn our daily grocery time into something exciting. A chance to play, share our love (with ourselves and others), and find new favorite spreads or recipes!

2 x 3 cm, made in the Netherlands

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