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Kobo-Ren – Dragonfly – Exclusive Stamp


Kobo-Ren – Dragonfly – Exclusive Stamp

We are so proud to be the first shop in Europe to carry this amazing, exclusive stamp full of history by Akino-san! We started by bringing you a set of seasonal end-of-year favorites for now, but will soon be adding more seasons, styles, popular symbols, and other Yuranoin stamps.

“The Lotus Atelier” is a 100+-year-old family-run stamp shop, established in 1910 in Fukuoka, Japan, now on the third generation of the family. Akino-san married a 3rd generation male member of the family and in 2005 she started playing around with typical Japanese symbols and invented the as we now call:  ‘the Kobo Ren’ stamp-family. You may have seen them before: small peg-like wooden stamps. Since 2018 Akino-san has been working alone on these stamps, and she continued her shop as ‘Kobo Ren’. Please read our Stationery Selection blog here to find out more about the long history and craft(wo)manship behind this amazing Japanese stamp brand; also how it is different than other kinds of stamps and how to use and care for this collectible item.

10.5mm x 10.5mm

Sorry it's sold out 😭

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